Thee Theion Temple has already invested in roots and culture reggae artist Midnight [Midnite Band] and holds Thee Benjamins in high esteem. Thee Midnight band leaves no room for miscommunication, addressing Zionist, iconoclast + thee wages of war from track to track. Miseducation caused by illiteracy is also covered thru song + taken into thee technological age, non-violently. Cross-cultural music lovers meet with no regrets as ethnicity and ethics hold firm while subject matters sway. Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project believes that thee purchase of one collection of Midnight mended thee broken heartbeat man called “unemployment” + purged thee dark arts with a sincere reverence for thee darker art of thee printing press.

Lead singer, Senor Vaughn Benjamin has completed over a dozen compact discs with his band, performed live + recorded music videos for some of his songs sharing visions of thee otherwise standoffish Rastafarian Jewish community. Exiles to isles of thee Caribbean, Midnite is a pearl amidst thee Sons of Jacob.