Thee Complete Portfolio

Thee Theion Temple… founded, owned and operated by IVTSIVTP artist Senorita Kisissa Elolam Selassie has already started an online artist portfolio magazine to aid in clarifying thee online lines of communication between artist who work in remote communities and artist who explore e-commerce. In Vice Thee Solace In Virtue Thee Pain serves as thee front […]

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Thee Boutique Graven clothing line for men is well underway. Work uniforms for thee male members of thee reading group will only take a back seat to thee development of Ambush: thee Divinity line of ethic cleansers that serves to a topical pesticide, poison and potion..

Thee Chariots of Fire

Mercedes Benz will be seated as a leader in transport in-house…for all thee ghouls and goblins who chose Theion Temple products and/or services.

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Thee Human Resource

Thee Human Resource page is found on thee menu of thee men’s reading group.This list contains both male and female builders, however thee female readers will be housed over at IVTSIVTP.COM

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Breaking News

Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project has taken a toil on me this past year….Thee Theion Temple is working towards completing thee membership packets for thee 333 adult male readers before moving forward with product development or even thee womens group.

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Thee Theion Temple has already invested in roots and culture reggae artist Midnight [Midnite Band] and holds Thee Benjamins in high esteem. Thee Midnight band leaves no room for miscommunication, addressing Zionist, iconoclast + thee wages of war from track to track. Miseducation caused by illiteracy is also covered thru song + taken into thee technological age, non-violently. Cross-cultural music lovers meet with no regrets as ethnicity and ethics hold firm while subject matters sway. Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project believes that thee purchase of one collection of Midnight mended thee broken heartbeat man called "unemployment" + purged thee dark arts with a sincere reverence for thee darker art of thee printing press. Lead singer, Senor Vaughn Benjamin has completed over a dozen compact discs with his band, performed live + recorded music videos for some of his songs sharing visions of thee otherwise standoffish Rastafarian Jewish community. Exiles to isles of thee Caribbean, Midnite is a pearl amidst thee Sons of Jacob

Foreign Tongues are language components hidden within Thee Dark District radio station. Thee 3 units...Thee Iscariot Estate, Thee Incubi Account + Thee Sons of Jacob must be held in thee esteem of thee man child who is held responsible or due currency for their record since their own establishment [1976 | 1976 | 19..]. Thee Blacksun Bloodmoon Project has chosen 12 Foreign Tongues to usher readers into thee technological age with thee sense of warmth found buried among thee 12 cultures mentioned on thee BSBM website

IVTSIVTP Spellbound is thee subsidiary of thee Theion Temple that is meant to educate Graven patrons on products located in thee Spellbound section of my boutique. Spellbound, for a thee best place to learn more about all thee Spellbound products you have purchased. More coming soon!

+ they of thee people + kindreds + tongues + nations shall see their dead bodies three days + a half + shall not suffer their dead bodies to be put in graves. KJV_Revelation 11:9.

A series of favorite things have been posted for IVTSIVTP readers to catch a quick view of thee movies, songs and women I find guilty of delivering top quality art. Shine Eye Girl, Basic Instinct and Lucy Liu are all there with a tiny spill about them to boast on their behalf. I am making my way to stocking Crux Criticorum and cleaning up thee Foreign Tongues. Please be considerate

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